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  1. Mission Statement

Our Mission at Busy Bees Nursery to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating educational environment that will enable each child to explore, investigate, experiment, communicate and question. Our motto is “Play with Purpose”.


  2. Philosophy of the Nursery

At Busy Bees we believe it is our special commitment to provide every child the opportunity to achieve success. To that end we are committed to providing a holistic approach to education that focuses on the whole-child. Our programme is designed to elevate the educational, physical and emotional well-being of the individual child.

We firmly believe all children can learn. We understand that children learn in different ways and should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches to support their individual learning levels. We are committed to providing an educational programme and service to support the individual child.

We believe education should be fun, stimulating, exciting and hands-on, while providing children the opportunity to explore, investigate, question and use logical thinking skills.

We are committed to teaching our students good behaviour, good manners as well as an understanding and appreciation of the world around them, the environment and people of different ethnic backgrounds.


   3. Core Beliefs

 First Core Belief

To provide a creative, safe, age appropriate, nurturing educational environment where learning is ‘hands on’ fun and interactive.

Second Core Belief

To provide an engaging programme where play with purpose is combined with mastery of the phonetic alphabet, number sense activities, proper manners, behaviour and learning all about the exciting world around us.

Third Core Belief

To provide a whole-child approach to learning within the structured programme that is responsive to the educational and emotional needs of the individual child; as well as to teach our students an understanding and tolerance of people of different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds.

Fourth Core Belief

To promote staff development and cooperation while fostering a friendly work environment with team building capabilities where every member of staff is made to feel valued.