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Our Rooms

We like the children to feel at home and comfortable with the nursery, and we have many areas that are used weekly by each class. We move the children around the nursery with their teacher to the different areas and allow a mixture of controlled activities and free play to make full use of the facilities. Areas that are used by the children are as follows:


Activity room - for music and PE activities

Library - reading and interactive play

Science room - all about the sciences including the animal kingdom. magnets, reflections, measuring, etc

Math room - numbers, shapes, measuring and anything else related to math

Literacy - phonics, letters, writing, reading, role play, puppets, stories and anything else related to literacy.

Art room - a place to explore the arts,including painting, collage, clay, and other art related activities

Market Area - our own mini shopping area with fruits and vegetables and shopping tills

Outside playground - Slides, bicycles, cars, sand box, water tables and other gross  motor activities

Front Garden - a place to grow plants and flowers in the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons.

Clinic - a room for the nurse to check on the children, and also to help them understand that the doctor is not so scary after all

Kitchen - snack area where the children eat their two snacks