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Costanza's Mom Chiara

"My daughter started attending Busy Bees Nursery last August, when she was only 18 months, and she has been welcomed and cuddled since the very first days. During this school year she has done a lot of progress. Also thanks to her teacher, her friends and the whole team of the nursery. We are very satisfied with it, first of all because she's not only happy but enthusiastic to go there every morning, so thanks a lot Busy Bees Nursery for this wonderful year spent together!


Zaina's Mom Amani

" I sent my daughter 3 years back to Busy Bees where her personality improved alot. That's the reason i am sending my second child "Zaina" and she is very happy.

I like the freindly  staff, safe environment where respect, sharing and social skills are their main target.

I highly recommend it to new parents but I ask them to be patient and give their child time to settle.



Jia's Mom Payal 

" I would say this is the most fantastic well organised and freindly nursery I have come across. The Nursery has a very safe and secure feel to it. The staff have been wonderful, approachable and are always so welcoming each morning."

My dayghter enjoyed every aspect of the nursery. Thanks for bringing out confidence in her. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes


Vanya's Mum Deepa

“The changes made recently at Busy Bees have been very positive and have given it a 'wow' factor –it has a very welcoming feel” “My expectations have been met –Vanya is a more confident person who likes to meet new people and talk” “The activities, dress-up days and external trips are fun for the children” “My advice to new parents would be –go for it and don't worry!”


Sheikha and her Father

“I chose Busy Bees because I had heard good things from my colleagues” “My daughter was shy. Her confidence has grown; she now speaks good Arabic and good English. She has learned boundaries and how to follow instructions –she understands the basics about going to school” “My advice to new parents –trust the reputation of the nursery –the results come in the end”



     Noor’s Parents    

أتوجه بالشكر الجزيل وخالص العرفان الى القائمين على ادارة روضة النحل النشيط والعاملين من مدرسات ومشرفات وتحديدا معلمة ابنتي القديرة ومدرسة اللغة العربية والدين على ما بذلوه خلال العام الدراسي 2015-2016 من تدريس وتوجيه تربوي  سواء كان داخل غرفة الصف او من خلال الانشطة الخارجية والرحلات التثقيفيةعلى مدار العام الدراسي وبحمد الله لاحظنا الفارق الكبير على توسع مدارك ابنتي نور غازي الفاعوري واكتساب القدرة على تمييز بعض المصطلحات العلمية والاعداد والالوان ضمن المرحلة العمرية 4-5 سنوات باللغتين العربية والانجليزية واتباع النظام والتعاون وتعلم المشاركة مع الاقران سواء داخل الصف او خارج اطار الروضة. كما لاننسى الجهود  التي تبذلها معلمة اللغة العربية والدين لجعل الطفل ينطق الحروف باتقان وتحفيظ بعض السور القرءانية.